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TM Series MK II

Canon TM Series MK2

Canon's New Printer Range: A1 and A0 Models Unveiled

Canon has unveiled its latest line of A1 and A0 printers, introducing five brand-new models designed to cater to diverse printing needs. The new lineup comprises the TM-340, TM-350, and TM-355, accommodating sizes up to 36" (A0+), as well as the TM-240 and TM-255, serving sizes up to 24" (A1+).

Replacing Old Favorites

These innovative printers will replace the previous TA-20, TM-200, TM-205, TA-30, TM-300, and TM-305 models. Canon's fresh printer range boasts versatile applications, suitable for CAD plans, intricate drawings, vibrant signage, and eye-catching promotional posters, ideal for retail stores, restaurants, educational institutions, and more.

Enhanced Image Processing

One notable enhancement in this new range is a cutting-edge image processing unit, significantly improving startup times. In particular, the TM-355/350 models stand out with their remarkable print speeds, capable of producing up to 3.2 A1 pages per minute, approximately 25% faster than the preceding TM-300 and TM-305 models.

Ink Innovation

The ink technology in the new TM series has also undergone improvements, resulting in stunning images, even when using uncoated paper. A fresh magenta ink formulation enhances red colour performance, providing sharper contrast and clarity. All TM printers utilize water-resistant pigment inks, ensuring that printed materials, such as posters and point-of-sale displays, maintain their short-term visual appeal without fading.

Borderless Printing

Borderless printing is a feature available on all the new models, enabling users to create visually striking outputs seamlessly.

User-Friendly Redesign

Beyond performance enhancements, Canon has redesigned the printers with user-friendliness in mind. A new 'flat-top' design facilitates easy paper roll replacement, while the printers can automatically detect and display the paper type and remaining paper quantity. This, coupled with standard colour calibration, streamlines workflows and boosts efficiency.

Furthermore, the large touchscreen interface is adjustable, ensuring optimal visibility and ease of use. Noise levels have been reduced, with operational noise now hovering at 41 decibels (dB), making these printers suitable for any workplace.

Canon's Commitment to Sustainability

In line with Canon's commitment to sustainability, the new TM series has received Gold certification in the US Epeat Registry, showcasing Canon's dedication to minimizing waste and environmental impact in all aspects of its operations. Canon has replaced expanded polystyrene in product packaging materials with recyclable cardboard, further demonstrating its eco-friendly efforts.

User-Friendly Software

For added convenience, Canon offers user-friendly software for creating brochures and posters. TM printers can use Canon Direct Print Plus software, allowing for easy batch printing of multiple files in different formats through a simple drag-and-drop process. Users looking to create original poster and brochure designs can utilize PosterArtist, a web-based application that provides access to a wide range of free templates.

We'll update this post with pricing and direct links to the products as they are made available.

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