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Scott Partridge

Wide Format Specialist

Hi, I'm Scott Partridge - Owner of Total Imaging, founder of Plotterbase and former wide format specialist at Canon UK.


Over the 10 years in which I worked at Canon, I came to realise that their wide format product range was truly the best on the market, but felt that neither they nor their existing dealer community at the time were doing enough to promote them.

Canon pride themselves on creating industry leading products, from cameras and desktop printers, right up to production level imaging equipment.  Their products are amazing, but I found their demand generation to be awful.  They know their products are amazing and have a quietly confident approach to selling which I found to be terribly frustrating as a salesman.  I had no content to work with, so how was I supposed to spread the word?

I decided to create my own.


Since I left in 2010, I have built one of Canon's most successful dealerships and my team and I are on a mission to provide the general public with more content and information about the imagePROGRAF range than anyone has ever produced.


I hope you find our content both useful and insightful.

Be sure to check out our Blog and subscribe to our Instagram feed, or simply call us if you need professional advice or support.


Follow us: @plotterbase

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