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With a high-white matte finish, Plotterbase coated paper rolls are ideal for a range of applications from plans and drawings to high quality posters and even photos or artwork which is to be mounted behind glass.

The heavier the paper, the more premium the feel and the more ink can be laid down on the page (meaning more vibrant pictures).  Our matt coated paper is available in:

  • 90gsm - Suitable for high quality colour plans & drawings
  • 120gsm - Suitable for light-weight posters and light ink fill
  • 140gsm - Suitable for mid-weight posters and moderate ink fill
  • 180gsm - Suitable for heavyweight posters, heavy ink fills and artwork to be mounted behind glass
  • 230gsm - Suitable for heavyweight posters, heavy ink fills and artwork to be mounted behind glass

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120gsm Premium Matt Coated Paper | 432mm | 45m

SKU: PB11412043245
  • Category:

    Coated Paper
    Weight: 120gsm
    Finish: Matt
    Roll Width: 432mm | 17 inch | 17 inch
    Roll Length: 45 meters
    Core Size: 2 inch core
    Roll Qty: 1 roll in box
    Manufacturer: Plotterbase
    Part Number: PB11412043245

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Printer Warranties Explained


Our extended warranties cover all parts and labour required to fix your printer at your premises, for 3 or 5 years following the date of purchase.

Once a problem is reported to us, we will endeavour to have a qualified engineer call you back within 4 working hours to determine the root of the problem and any necessary parts required.

If parts are required to fix the issue, we will order them at our expense and arrange a mutually agreeable time to visit your premises and fit them.

If the parts are in-stock, we will endeavour to reach you on the next business working day.

In some cases (where parts or screwdrivers are not required), our qualified engineers can even help you rectify issues over the phone in order to be far more time, cost and environmentally efficient.

What Is Covered?

  • All spare parts and labour required to maintain the printer to the manufacturer’s specification.

What Is Not Covered?

  • All consumable items such as ink cartridges, paper rolls, print heads and maintenance cartridges.
  • User error or damage caused by such actions and those not in accordance with the user manuals.
  • Damage deemed or suspected to have been caused by movement of the printer without the use of our technical team or engineers.
  • Software support and or user-training.
  • Parts that are at the end of the manufacturers pre-defined 'life cycle' and reported as such. (These parts include but are not limited to - Purge units, wipers and carriage motors.)

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